Bloody Funny: 2019.

A hilarious, bold, heart-warming stand-up event to celebrate and raise funds for period-based charity Bloody Good Period.

→ Graphic Design
→ Copywriting
→ Events Planning

→ Comms/PR

This project was created whilst working at A Studio of Our Own. All event photography by Bronac McNeill.


Bloody Good Period is a charity that provides period products to refugees, asylum seekers and those that can’t afford them. In recent years they’ve expanded; delivering high-quality menstrual education to various audiences, and working towards creating menstrual equity—all whilst ending shame, stigma and judgement around menstruation.


To take the existing, humble event and blow it up; organising more acts, taking over a larger venue, creating exclusive merch and hosting a larger audience—all whilst still keeping that friendly, inclusive, family-feel that BGP does so brilliantly.

Bloody Good Period refuses to shy away from imagery and messaging that others may consider taboo; always celebrating periods in all of their messy, human glory. Our event branding aimed to reflect that: we developed a lo-res, DIY approach to typography and imagery which highlighted the charity’s activist roots, and introduced various shapes and splodges in reference to the real experiences of people who menstruate. No blue-blood here.

Bloody Funny 2019 welcomed over 650 guests to Union Chapel, and raised in excess of £15,000 for Bloody Good Period: more than 10 times what previous comedy fundraisers had made for the charity, and enough to fund around 1,500 periods for refugees and asylum seekers at Bloody Good Period drop-in centres. 



Bloody Funny 2019 has since recieved 11 awards and nominations in design, events and social change:

Winner: Branding — Other
Honourable Mention — Social Responsibility

Finalist in Stunts and Live Events 2020

Gold in Branding for Social Change 2020
Gold in Integrated Graphic Design for Social Change 2020
Gold in Promotional materials for Social Change 2020
Silver in Logos 2020
Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2020
Silver in Branding 2020
Silver in Logos for Social Change 2020
Silver in Promotional Materials 2020

Full 2019 line up: Jen Brister, Rosie Jones, Rose Matafeo, Ingrid Dahle, Bridget Christie, Sophie Duker, Heidi Regan, Josie Long and Felicity Ward.