Bloody Funny: 2020.

A hilarious, welcoming, interactive virtual comedy experience; in true bold, brash, honest BGP fashion.

→ Graphic Design
→ Copywriting
→ Events Planning

This project was created whilst working at A Studio of Our Own.


Bloody Good Period is a charity that provides period products to refugees, asylum seekers and those that can’t afford them. In recent years they’ve expanded; delivering high-quality menstrual education to various audiences, and working towards creating menstrual equity—all whilst ending shame, stigma and judgement around menstruation.


After the success of Bloody Funny 2019, we planned to take over Union Chapel once again in 2020—being bolder, bigger and louder than ever. And then...well you know the score. Que global pandemic; que endless Zoom events, que living life in pyjamas, que endless scrolling. But periods don’t stop in a pandemic, and so neither would we. Que: Virtual Bloody Funny. For the first time ever. Still bold, still big, still loud.

We updated Bloody Funny’s existing branding for the 2020 edition; editing the logos byline and simplifying the colour palette to just red and white. We also designed social assets for the evening, and created a Best Bloody Night-In Guide, which encouraged all guests to have the best night in possible.


I wrote all of the copy for the social posts and guide (pictured below), which was emailed to guests a few days prior to the event. The guide was a way to get audiences more involved and excited for the evening: sharing drinks recipes, outfit ideas and donation information. 

Bloody Funny 2020 encouraged its audience to join in their joggers, support period equity in their sweats and participate in their PJs; enjoying an evening full of hilarious comedy without the commute.

In our research prior to the event, we found that comedians were put off by preforming online: the lack of response and feedback from audiences left them nervous, and meant the spark and community aspect of stand-up was lost.
To tackle this issue, we introduced ‘front row’ tickets; allowing big Bloody Funny fans to pay a little extra to be seen and heard by our comedians on the night. This really brought back the community aspect of Bloody Funny; making audiences feel included and appreciated on the evening, whilst also allowing our comedians to hear the laughter behind the screen.

In true, old-school, BGP fashion, we also hosted a raffle and ‘Bloody Shit Auction’, where the comedians sold-off various ‘rubbish’ items from their homes: including a nail file, children’s book and stuffed frog toy. A tampon crown was also created, worn by Jen, and sold on the evening, because, well...why not?

Full 2020 line up: Jen Brister, Suzi Ruffel, Kerry Godliman, Athena Kugblenu, Karen Hobbs and Jenny Bede. 


Bloody Funny 2020 was a hilarious evening; full to the brim with Leak Out Loud laughs and menstrual-based-escapism. We raised over £3,000 on the evening for Bloody Good Period, and sold over 200 tickets for the event. Bloody great stuff.