The Uncertain Kingdom: 2020.

Creating a strong brand-identity for a new collection of short-films.

→ Graphic Design

This project was created whilst working at A Studio of Our Own. Using the first phase of the brand guidelines (shown below), I was a part of the team that expanded the identity.  


At the start of 2020, Britain stood on the brink of a tumultuous new decade; facing Brexit, climate change, the rise of the far right, systematic racism and inequality, amongst other concerns. The Uncertain Kingdom was set up to explore these issues, encouraging 20 filmmakers from throughout the UK to express their thoughts through the medium of film.


The Studio of Our Own team designed the identity for The Uncertain Kingdom; it was important for us to not impose our own perspective onto the project, but to let the films speak for themselves. The different viewpoints of the directors are suggested through the use of overlapping shapes; revealing new horizons that the viewer must move through in sequence.

The Uncertain Kingdom was conceived by director and executive-producer John Jencks, and produced by Isabel Freer and Georgia Goggin. The films recieved ★★★★ reviews from The Guardian, Time Out, The Evening Standard and The Times

All of the films are available to watch on the BFI Player, Curzon, Prime Video, Google Play and Apple TV.



We created posters and flyers to advertise the film-collective, which would posted around various UK community areas where the films will be shown. We also made a booklet that went into more detail about each film; giving a synopsis, sharing the directors information and showing a visual-sneak-peak of each short.



Animation by James Huson.